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  Calvin Ho

Country : Singapore
Height : 5 ft 8 inch
Birthday : 28th May
Language : English, Mandarin, Hokkien, Teochew
Star Sign : Gemini
What I Simply Love Doing

Tease & Joke, Train & Teach, Discuss Creative Ideas & Solutions for Real Life Issues, Speaking, Singing, Listening to Music, Travelling, Reading World News, Watching EPL Soccer, and Chill Out With Family & Close Friends.

Pastimes I Wouldn't Wanna' Miss Either...
Gym Workout, Running, Sun Tanning, Park Stroll, Surfing The Net.

With more than 15 years as a voice talent, Calvin wears many hats as a professional emcee, career skills trainer, communications trainer, media-cum-voice presenter, adjunct lecturer, and seasoned singer.

With a successful corporate career in past few large MNCs as a senior international executive for a considerable number of years, Calvin has always have the passion to train, coach, sing, & emcee in live events to bring fun, entertainment, and great value to his audience and clients, and that was what led him to do all these actively despite his then day job.

Today Calvin remains a sought-after events emcee, subject matter speaker, corporate communications & life skills trainer, & recording voice talent.

Given his wide commercial industry background, Calvin is highly effective hosting in virtually all commercial sector types corporate events, as he understands business and is exposed to a wide spectrum of industries. Versatile in hosting across business, government, public, and social type events and media setting, Calvin also does bilingual events.   Given Calvin's childhood dialect roots, he is also not shy to use his humorous Hokkien and Teochew anecdotal style in his emceeing when needed. Calvin also actively engages in corporate training and educating both the young and old.

Well travelled, commercially aware, and possessing a wide variety of interests including, but not limited to, Travel & Leisure, World Business & Commerce, Human Lifestyles, Food, Technology, Arts & Entertainment, Fashion, Music & Movies, Politics, Social Issues, and Relationships, Calvin’s dream is to one day be able to do live talk shows on a range of such topics.